The Story of Broken Brain Woodworking


In November of 2020, I had a ischemic stroke. I, very fortunately, had a great physical recovery. However, the stroke left me with significant memory loss. This memory loss made it unsafe to return to my job as a high voltage electrician.


Fortunately, I spent a lot of time in my Grandpa's furniture making shop when I was a kid. I learned a lot of woodworking skills that I used to make some items for family and friends. I always thought that maybe, when I retire, I will take up woodworking. Well, that retirement plan came early, and woodworking is now my full-time job. 


Most of my wood is "re-claimed" from old, broken pianos. Otherwise, these pianos would have ended up in the burn pile. These pianos have older, beautiful wood that you cannot find anymore hidden behind a veneer or paint. I try to add at least one piece of piano wood into everything that I make. I also find workshops and factories that are throwing away cutoffs and utilizing that wood as well.


Thank you for supporting a stroke survivor! 


Jon Boza

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